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Air Purifier | Gold

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Check out our Smoke Removal Test Video Below
Lux Air Purifiers are the most powerful portable car purifiers on the market. They release up to 4.8 million negative ions that eliminate smoke, dust, odors, and harmful bacteria from the air around you. You just plug the Lux Purifier into your car's 12-volt outlet, and the air purification around you will begin instantly.
  • Helps remove smoke from your car's interior
  • Continuously removes the smell of smoke and odors
  • Eliminate dust and harmful bacteria
  • Dispel toxins such as benzine and formaldehyde
  • Increase driving concentration and reduce car sickness 

Try For Yourself
Here's a test you can complete yourself to test the true power of our portable purifiers:
  1. Plug the Lux Air Purifier into a 12-volt car outlet or a wall using a wall adapter
  2. Pump, or blow smoke into a glass or clear container
  3. Place the smoke-filled container over your Lux Air Purifier
  4. Witness the power of 4.8 million ions quickly dispelling the smoke in seconds
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